Top Tips on Playing Winter Golf

As golf is an outdoor game it is usually best suited to play during spring and summer. Playing when it is cold, raining and on grass that is wet, muddy or icy can be difficult and not very enjoyable. However playing winter golf is still possible and can be a lot of fun, as long as you follow these tips.

Wear the Right Clothes

Make sure to wrap up warm not only so that you are comfortable but so that you can play properly. Ensure to wear several layers both top and bottom, as well as thick socks, gloves or mittens with hand warmers and a hat.

Try Yellow Balls

High visibility yellow balls are perfect for use in the winter as they can be spotted among leaves, frost and snow.

Eat and Drink Right

Keep your energy levels up and your body warm by eating and drinking the right things. Avoid alcohol as it can lower your core temperature, and drink hot drinks such as green tea, black tea and coffee. Stay hydrated with water and coconut milk which raises your body temperature. Protein is always great for raising your body’s temperature also so try to consume red meat, chicken or pork before a game, or simple take a protein shake or bar with you.

Golf Simulators

Another great choice to avoid the cold completely and still enjoy a game of golf is by using a golf simulator at a place such as the golf driving range Crawley. These indoor simulator technologies are amazing for driving, iron shots and practising your techniques.


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