The Bookkeeper and the Sloth: An Artistic Exploration of Web Writing

May God rest your soul. Prince, the symbol, when he sang ‘The Sign of Times’, strolling down by cafes or any metropolitan place you would find the slouches or the sloths, slumped and imbibing all the information imposed by modern times, technology, the internet, the ghosts in the ethereal.

So, who is a slouch? Bookkeeper Kent defines the essence of the sloucher (a person who slumps into their chair, the comfortable spot, adapting to the environment, pouring over endless numbers, data). Breaking their backs to absorb the information and putting strain on their poor back musculature.

If you are reading this article, you are the kind of person who keeps one’s self glued to the television screen watching nature programs. So, the concept of sloth is not lost upon you. The sloth is the same exactly as the fore mentioned creature. Draped over branches, achieving little despite the onslaught of information: chrome, explorer, Facebook, yahoo. Surfing the waves of web-speak. And while you are at it make sure to surf Kent, let the bookkeeper handle your numbers. Outsource.

Yet the slouch uses that quanta, the sloth on the other hand makes poor use of the findings. He prefers to rest his soul. Choose life, choose the processing of the data, the quanta. Be sure to be the slouched, not the sloth. Slouching is the sign of our times. Change from a sloth to a slouch. And remember, bookkeepers are killers. They are the ones who got Al Capone.


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