Browse Month: April 2017

The Best DIY Bathroom Projects

Renovating a bathroom can be a costly, time consuming process. However, there are many DIY projects which are easy and affordable for bathrooms to improve the overall style and feel.

  • Lighting – Installing new light fixtures is a simple way to change the brightness and atmosphere of the whole room. Lights in bathrooms Reading and nationwide are one of the most important parts of the room and will affect the whole feel of the room.
  • Storage – There are many ways to get creative with storage solutions in a bathroom. Revamp old furniture items such as dressers, or make your own shelves using wood. Jars and containers are a cute way to store small vanity items.
  • Mirror – If your mirror looks boring, you can spruce it up in minutes using glass or spray paint. Use tape to cover lines or shapes around the border of the mirror and spray or paint around the edge of the mirror to make it more fun.
  • Paint – Not all bathrooms are tiled from head to toe. If there is a painted wall or two in the bathroom, and easy way to bring new life to the room is by repainting. You can add a new colour or even stencil to the wall to spruce up the style.
  • Rug – Now with so many tutorials online, it is very easy to make your own bathroom rug using old t-shirts, rope or material. A new carpet on the floor will improve the look and feel of the bathroom.

Hiring an Accountant: 3 Important Things to Look For

Most business will need to hire an accountant for different services no matter how established the company is. Finding the right accountant is vital for making sure your business is being run properly, and you can look for your accountant through recommendations or online. When looking to hire a new accountant, here are 3 important things you should look for.

  1. Knowledge

All accountants should be qualified and know the basics of the numbers. However, this basic knowledge of keeping the bookkeeping and accounting in order is not always enough. An accountant with experience or at least extra knowledge can be a business advisor and offer advice. Knowledgeable accountants in Kent and nationwide can analyse your numbers, manage the accounts and provide guidance on how to improve the business’ finances.

  1. Attentive

A good accountant should always listen to your ideas and views. Spending time talking to your accountant is a great way to share ideas and issues, and it is important that they take this on board. Share your goals for the business and how you want to run it, and the accountant should adapt their services to meet these preferences.

  1. Up to Date

As technology and digital business techniques advance so quickly in this day and age, accountants must stay up to speed with this. They should be using the latest software, business apps and accounting technology to benefit the business in many ways. Examples of these useful tools include electronic signatures, cloud-based financial software, smart scanning and more.