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When Is Convalescent Care Needed?

The time for convalescent care may depend on a number of things. Each case is assessed on the amount of necessary care that is required for each patient and the type of rehabilitation needed, whether it be for an accident or illness. The convalescent centres are designed with both men and women in mind. This type of care is for many different ages.

The convalescent centre is for people suffering from and requiring care for:

  • A stroke, where a fair percentage of the body of the individual is affected and the patient requires ongoing care and therapy, in an attempt to help them to return to as normal a life as can be expected, rehabilitation is a key process for stroke patients.
  • An accidental injury that can include many types of afflictions and give rise to an increased need for care. Accidents may cause long term problems for a patient resulting in psychological and bodily trauma. Convalescent care in Worthing is orientated toward the welfare, care and rehabilitation of such individuals with their in-house medical staff.
  • An illness of a long-term nature, where the individual may need constant care and attention, which would be unable to be given at their home. Care centres have the facilities to handle this type of problem.

This kind of care is suitable for the patient recovering from surgery where there is a need for rehabilitation. A care centre is an option for short or long term recovery from surgery.

The time a patient may spend in a convalescent centre depends on their need for this type of care. Before entry each patient is assessed on whether they would benefit from care in one of these centres. The patients’ stay may be several days to many months depending on the individuals’ need.