Ultimate Driving Experience at Surrey

Oh the thrill of speed! Nothing excites as much! Formula one cars and the tracks they roam majestically over are a thing of beauty. Pure artistry. Isn’t it just amazing to watch drivers marshalling their vehicles on sharp bends with ease? The way they seem to do it is akin to a knife slicing through butter. Precise & lethal. Imagining the feel of the steering wheel and the runway that awaits. That’s something to definitely look forward to! Come and have fun hitting the top speeds and drifting at driving experience surrey. Get to play virtual racing games that mimic the ultimate driving experience.

Should you find yourself with a busy schedule, don’t stress. You can still comfortably take your date out to places of interest by checking out our simulator cars. We offer realistic visuals that feel just like the real thing. You should be brushing shoulders with Hall of Fame drivers through the years once you start checking out our tracks. Just think about it, how would you feel racing in the best formula one race tracks? You’re bound to get that professional feeling, that exhilaration that Michael Schumacher once had racing on the Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit. And what would it be like competing with famous formula one racers? Would you not want to race and see how you fair with them?

Drifting is never an easy undertaking whatsoever the circumstances. Get to perfect the art of the drift with us today by checking out our virtual race track! We’re already excited to see you join us!

Your Beautiful Wedding Is Right Around The Corner!

So your best friend recently tied the knot, and it was simply breath-taking! Now it’s up to you to bring you’re A-game to the table. How can you pull it off? For starters, you’ve got to throw shade at sub-standard wedding venues, and you set your eyes to a place of serene ambience! And the wedding venue Lewes at Dean’s Place is perfect! Here’s why:


There is breakfast available in the bar menu and a set lunch available all days of the week. Plus afternoon tea is served at the terrace or bar depending on how busy the place is. Lunch is also available seven days a week, served at the dining during the weekends and in the terrace bar during weekdays. For Sunday enthusiasts, family lunch is served with a flexible menu, plus extra toppings to cater for your kids!

Great offers

You can book offers at least five days in advance! Cancellation is possible, and a fee will be charged depending on how late one cancels from the booked date. All the terms and conditions on offers are pretty straightforward and easy to understand!

And if you’re looking for a Christmas wedding, then you’re just in luck! Christmas packages are also available: the packages are residential and could be three days, four days or fifth night free with breakfast. Great to celebrate with family, friends, and colleagues don’t you think? So book now, and make your wedding as warm and cosy as possible!

The Bookkeeper and the Sloth: An Artistic Exploration of Web Writing

May God rest your soul. Prince, the symbol, when he sang ‘The Sign of Times’, strolling down by cafes or any metropolitan place you would find the slouches or the sloths, slumped and imbibing all the information imposed by modern times, technology, the internet, the ghosts in the ethereal.

So, who is a slouch? Bookkeeper Kent defines the essence of the sloucher (a person who slumps into their chair, the comfortable spot, adapting to the environment, pouring over endless numbers, data). Breaking their backs to absorb the information and putting strain on their poor back musculature.

If you are reading this article, you are the kind of person who keeps one’s self glued to the television screen watching nature programs. So, the concept of sloth is not lost upon you. The sloth is the same exactly as the fore mentioned creature. Draped over branches, achieving little despite the onslaught of information: chrome, explorer, Facebook, yahoo. Surfing the waves of web-speak. And while you are at it make sure to surf Kent, let the bookkeeper handle your numbers. Outsource.

Yet the slouch uses that quanta, the sloth on the other hand makes poor use of the findings. He prefers to rest his soul. Choose life, choose the processing of the data, the quanta. Be sure to be the slouched, not the sloth. Slouching is the sign of our times. Change from a sloth to a slouch. And remember, bookkeepers are killers. They are the ones who got Al Capone.


Mini Guide to Planning Your Next Corporate Event

From intimate networking gatherings to large-scale affairs, corporate events need precise planning and organisation to ensure they are successful. Most businesses prefer to plan their corporate events with a PR company as they can simply hand over their ideas and the rest is done for them. This saves valuable time and energy, as well as ensuring the event runs smoothly for everyone. If you are planning your own corporate event however, here is a mini guide to help you plan a successful occasion.


When planning a corporate event, there are things that need to be set out before you think about the location, date and vendors. First, you must think about the reason of the event and what needs to be accomplished. Write down the message you want to portray to your guests and the type of event you want. Then you can begin thinking about your finances and resources to plan the event.

Vendors and Overall Budget

Next is coming up with an overall budget for the event. This will then allow you to think about a location and vendors that will be a good fit for the type of event you want and the budget amount. Only select vendors that will help you to accomplish the vision you want to create, this can include a live band and caterers. Make sure to get in contact well before the scheduled date of the event. If you find yourself going over the budget, try to scale back or otherwise, increase the budget.

How Can I Add Value to My Home?

If you are lucky enough to be a homeowner, over the years you will be hoping the value of the property increases. As you live in your home it is only natural to maintain and improve your property over time to make it more enjoyable, up to date and comfortable. As you improve and update your home, you are also adding value to your home at the same time. However, there are certain home remodelling projects that will add more value to your property.


A home with just one bathroom is usually worth a fair amount less than those with more than one. If your property has a single bathroom, try to add another one in somehow, even if it is only small. This can add a large amount to the value of the property.


As the most important room in a property, the kitchen is one of the best places to increase the value. If you make the correct choices and choose a timeless, high quality design it can add a huge amount to the overall value of a home. An investment into bespoke kitchens Sussex with space, quality and style that matches the rest of the home can transform a property and its worth.


Although a conversion to your property needs a large investment, it will greatly add to the size of your home, and therefore the value. A conversion can be in the attic, the basement, a garage or out the back in the garden.


The Best DIY Bathroom Projects

Renovating a bathroom can be a costly, time consuming process. However, there are many DIY projects which are easy and affordable for bathrooms to improve the overall style and feel.

  • Lighting – Installing new light fixtures is a simple way to change the brightness and atmosphere of the whole room. Lights in bathrooms Reading and nationwide are one of the most important parts of the room and will affect the whole feel of the room.
  • Storage – There are many ways to get creative with storage solutions in a bathroom. Revamp old furniture items such as dressers, or make your own shelves using wood. Jars and containers are a cute way to store small vanity items.
  • Mirror – If your mirror looks boring, you can spruce it up in minutes using glass or spray paint. Use tape to cover lines or shapes around the border of the mirror and spray or paint around the edge of the mirror to make it more fun.
  • Paint – Not all bathrooms are tiled from head to toe. If there is a painted wall or two in the bathroom, and easy way to bring new life to the room is by repainting. You can add a new colour or even stencil to the wall to spruce up the style.
  • Rug – Now with so many tutorials online, it is very easy to make your own bathroom rug using old t-shirts, rope or material. A new carpet on the floor will improve the look and feel of the bathroom.

Hiring an Accountant: 3 Important Things to Look For

Most business will need to hire an accountant for different services no matter how established the company is. Finding the right accountant is vital for making sure your business is being run properly, and you can look for your accountant through recommendations or online. When looking to hire a new accountant, here are 3 important things you should look for.

  1. Knowledge

All accountants should be qualified and know the basics of the numbers. However, this basic knowledge of keeping the bookkeeping and accounting in order is not always enough. An accountant with experience or at least extra knowledge can be a business advisor and offer advice. Knowledgeable accountants in Kent and nationwide can analyse your numbers, manage the accounts and provide guidance on how to improve the business’ finances.

  1. Attentive

A good accountant should always listen to your ideas and views. Spending time talking to your accountant is a great way to share ideas and issues, and it is important that they take this on board. Share your goals for the business and how you want to run it, and the accountant should adapt their services to meet these preferences.

  1. Up to Date

As technology and digital business techniques advance so quickly in this day and age, accountants must stay up to speed with this. They should be using the latest software, business apps and accounting technology to benefit the business in many ways. Examples of these useful tools include electronic signatures, cloud-based financial software, smart scanning and more.


Things To Consider When Searching For An IT Company

You are starting a small to mid range business and have to decide whether to have an in house IT support system or look for an outsourced IT support company.

Choosing an IT support services Sussex company may be far more beneficial to a small to mid range business due to the cost of installing something like this in the business. The costs of installing an IT support company under the one roof can be quite large, plus staff have to be hired and also trained especially if they are not up to scratch.

Maintenance and breakdown issues can become a costly item when dealing with them in a business structure. How much time is taken to fix the problem is also an item that requires attention. The longer it takes to fix a breakdown the more income can be lost.

When dealing with an IT support company this problem is minimised due to the experience of the staff. IT support company staff, are generally highly trained to deal with all types of problems in this industry and are generally experience in what they do.  They are most likely to have the problem fix and the business up and running again within a reasonable time.

There are a number of these companies operating and it pays to do research on the benefits of each company to hopefully hire the one that suits your type of business. The monthly costs or whatever plan you decided on is another thing to research. Using an IT support company also means you know the cost of this part of your business at the end of each month.





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